The GOTLED Advantage

Here at GOTLED we run our LED lights on all our toys & personal vehicles, here are just a few of the huge advantages or running LED lighting over other types of lights!

Working Life of LED Lights

Most types of lighting use filaments with a compressed gas that are heated up to very high temperatures in order to produce light. Due to this, these filaments and gasses are usually the first thing to go, giving the light a lifespan of 5,000-10,000 hours!

Since LED lights do not use filaments to produce light, they last much longer. Most LED light bars have a working life of about 20,000 to 50,000 hours. OF course GOTLED lights are on the higher end of that spectrum at 50,000 hours.

Extremely Energy Efficient

One of the potential problems with powerful non GOTLED light bars is, if your vehicle isn’t running when they are in use, they can quickly drain your battery.

Since GOTLED light bars operate off a very small amount of electricity, they can be left on for long periods of time without having to worry about killing your battery.

Limited Heat Production

Part of requiring very little electricity to operate and not having to heat up a filament to extremely high temperatures means that GOTLED light bars produce a very minimal amount of heat. This drastically reduces the risk of the light damaging itself and/or burning out your vehicle.

Environmentally Friendly Bulbs and Durability

Traditional bulbs are created using a variety of hazardous materials that can be hazardous to both your health and the environment. These bulbs often contain the elements mercury and carbon, both of which have been linked to multiple health conditions.

Besides being constructed of hazardous materials, traditional bulbs are also made of fragile materials such as glass, making them susceptible to breaking when jarred. Fortunately, none of this is the case with GOTLED lights. Their eco-friendly, durable construction makes them the optimum choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Customer Service & Warranty

GOTLED Limited 2 Year Warranty

During the first 7 days from receiving your light bar:

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied in the first 7 days with any of our GOTLED lights, simply contact us and we’ll send you a return shipping label at our cost and as soon as we receive it, we’ll process a refund minus a 15% restocking fee.  (Does not apply to products other than LED lights, i.e. parts, harnesses, accessories, etc).

7 Days and Beyond

For our GOTLED Lights (does not apply to products other than LED lights, i.e. parts, harnesses, accessories, etc), please contact us to let us know what is happening. If your GOTLED needs to be fixed or replaced simply send it back to us (buyer responsible for getting it to a GOTLED facility) we will replace the item and ship it back to you at our cost. Please contact us first before shipping any products back.

Not covered under warranty

  • Negligence: Improper installation, improper use, etc.
  • Abuse: Road hazards, physical damage.
  • Unauthorized repair:
  • Seal tampering, removal of bezel or any screws. This will compromise the integrity of the water-tight seal and void your warranty.


Why doesn’t GOTLED offer a Lifetime Warranty?

LOL, We love this question, reality check we might not be doing this for the rest of our lives or yours. So we set a reasonable expectation of time we will warranty all GOTLED lights even when we close up shop. That being said, if you plan on keeping your off road toy and light bar the rest of your life we suggest you invest in a high end name brand lighting system.

* – Free shipping and returns is for ship to or return addresses that are in the lower 48 US states. If you are not in the lower 48 US States, you will have to pay for shipping (costs will be calculated at checkout) and return shipping.

Why do we charge for Wiring Harnesses?

The main reason is this helps keep our prices low and we don’t know if you really need one, and if you do, we don’t know which one(s) you want.

Many folks already have some existing wiring that they are tapping into on their vehicle, so they’d be paying for the harness via an increased price in the light, yet not need it.

But however you choose to wire your light please remember that a fuse and relay should be used EVERY time.

What is a Lumen or Watt?

Lumens vs Watts, which is more important?

Lumens is a way to scientifically measure visible light, the brightness of a light. Watts is a measurement of the amount of electricity that a lighting device requires to produce that light. Our GOT LED light bars are the brightest on the market for a given watt of input and most importantly, for the price you pay.

With the advent of new lighting technologies like CFL (compact fluorescent) and LEDs, light production has gotten much more efficient. Much more of the energy input (Watts) goes toward producing light output (lumens). CFLs and LEDs don’t get that hot when compared to an incandescent bulb. And a 15w CFL puts out the same light (800 lumens) as a 60w incandescent light bulb. A way to compare apples to apples when measuring this efficiency is by looking at the amount of lumens a lighting device produces for a given watt of energy input. You can see in the table below, that our LED Light Bars are 6+ times more efficient than a standard incandescent bulb.

What does IP68 mean?

What does IP68 mean?

  1. The first digit, the number “6”, means that the instrument has total dust ingress protection.
  2. The second digit, the number “8”, means that the instrument is suitable for permanent submersion in water.

However, the maximum submersion depth of such an instrument is not specified. This makes total sense because there is a huge difference between submersing an instrument in a 1 m high water tank or using an instrument for measurements in a depth of 300 m on the ocean ground. According to the standard, the manufacturer and the user must therefore agree on the exact specification for IP68. Anyway, the IP68 rating must always be better than the IP67 rating, that means that the instrument may be submersed for at least 1 m. In practice, it results in totally different immersion depths for our pressure transmitters and level probes depending on the area of application. The immersion depths range from 3 m to 300 m maximum

What is “Beam or light Pattern”?

What is “Beam or light Pattern”?

Our lights come in 3 different configurations: Spot, Flood, or a Combination of both.

A spot beam produces a cone of light in a narrow 8º – 10º spread (depending on the exact light). This is good for specific task type lighting, or additional visibility when driving at night.

A flood beam produces a cone of light in a wide 90º spread. This is good for general work lighting, lighting up an off road trail that may have overhead tree limbs that you want to see, etc.

A combination combines these both. They have lights on the outside of the bar that produce a flood pattern while the inner lights produce a spot pattern. These are a great overall light with a lot of versatility and are our best-selling lights for that

Can I use GOTLED’s on my Boat?

Can I use GOTLED’s on my Boat?

If you are operating a boat when the sun goes down, then it is required that you have lights on both the bow and stern of the boat. Along with this, many boat owners choose to add marine LED light bars to their boats and trailers. In fact, we supply many fishing boats commercial and private with GOTLED lighting systems. Long life, weather resistant, and low power draw make them ideal for these applications.

While open water may seem like an environment relatively free of hazards, there are many reasons why you would still want to have plenty of extra light.

From avoiding submerged hazards and other boats to giving you extra light for nighttime boating and working in the dark adding a GOTLED light bar is a great option.

For obvious reasons, marine or “WHITE” GOTLED lights have to be especially water resistant. Also, if you plan on boating in the ocean, they need to be able to withstand the corrosive elements of saltwater.

What Exactly is a “LED”?

LED (LED – light emitting diodes) – a semiconductor device that converts electric current into light radiation. It is a pn-junction. It’s like a “brick” of semiconductor electronics, which consists of two pieces of semiconductor with different types of conductivity – n-type with an excess of electrons, p-type with an excess of holes. If the power source with plus is attached to p-transition, then current will go through. New development can create integrated circuits, including countless pn junctions on a single chip, for example, the processor Pentium-IV fits tens of millions.

GotLED Terms and Conditions

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